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Sacred Forest

This past week I spent four days up in Big Trees with the hubby and three kids. It was our first family vacation ever that did not involve visiting other family members. But that’s another blog…

After having enjoyed the beauty and fresh water of Lake Alpine on Monday and the depths of the Mercer Caverns on Tuesday, on Wednesday we headed to the South Grove of Big Trees State Park.

I made sure not to tell anyone it involved a five mile hike where we would be looking at, well, big trees. Continue reading

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My favorite sweater is unraveling.

This is not some cheap acrylic and nylon “sweater” that I picked up at Target, but the real deal, an intricate, hand-woven beauty that took many hours of love and labor.

I’m not sure when the thread got snagged, but sure enough, there is a very large hole now, one that I can no longer ignore, or simply patch up in a way that no one will notice. Continue reading

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