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Why I’m not afraid of measles

Hi! I’ll bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been… I’m actually publishing my blogs now on my Oasis Wellness website, which you can find here. (If for some reason the link isn’t working, you can cut and paste this address … Continue reading

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Oasis Wellness Empowerment Series #3: On the Journey towards Patient and Provider Empowerment

In the second segment of this series, I introduced a new model of care called the “Collaborative Empowerment Model,” whereby both patient and provider create a healing model through collaboration and empowerment. I promise that I will devote an entire future article to how this model works, but for the time being, I think it’s more important to give you all concrete steps to become more empowered. We are in a crisis situation, people.

In addition, I’m excited to introduce many of you to a new role in nursing called the Clinical Nurse Leader. Continue reading

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