Why I’m not afraid of measles

Hi! I’ll bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been… I’m actually publishing my blogs now on my Oasis Wellness website, which you can find here. (If for some reason the link isn’t working, you can cut and paste this address into your browser <www.earthbasedmedicine.com/blog>.)

Don’t worry, you can still sign up to follow me there, either via the blog or my newsletter. You don’t want to miss out on the latest. There’s some seriously juicy stuff going on in the healthcare world, and as empowered peeps, you definitely want to know about it.

Find my latest, which has garnished over 23,000 hits this week (and lots of comments, both positive and not), right here. It’s called Why I’m not afraid of measles.

I’m not afraid of measles, and you shouldn’t be either (unless you eat a lot of junk food).


About Jennifer Schmid, MSN, RN, CNL

Founder and owner of Oasis Wellness, Jennifer Schmid, MSN, RN, CNL, is a holistic nurse and natural wellness educator who is passionate about helping people get healthy naturally. With degrees in both nursing and naturopathy, Jennifer successfully bridges the gap between conventional and alternative medicine, understands when each is appropriate, and advocates for her clients’ health care freedom.
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