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Oasis Wellness Empowerment Series #2: Disempowering Patients through Fear, Coercion, and Force

Please note that we will be phasing out this blog page. But don’t despair! You can all of our blogs over on our Oasis Wellness website, http://www.earthbasedmedicine.com. For now, we’ll continue to double post so that you don’t miss out. In … Continue reading

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Oasis Wellness Empowerment Series #1: How the Internet can Empower Patients and Providers

If information is power, then the Internet – long crowned the “information superhighway” – provides both patients and health care providers a compelling platform for empowerment. Patients want to know about their choices and treatment options — ALL of their options, not just what was taught in medical school ten, twenty, thirty years ago. Continue reading

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Healing Lessons from my Garden

Have you noticed that nature can’t be rushed? My attempt at a summer vegetable garden this year reminded me that nature is boss and works at her own tempo.It is the same thing with healing our bodies. You can’t rush healing or getting healthy. Continue reading

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Healing for the FUN of it

Most of the time, people become my clients because they are unhappy with the prescriptions they get from their doctors, whether conventional or naturopathic. They are overwhelmed by the pharmaceuticals, supplements, and diet changes that their provider insists they must … Continue reading

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Taking care of Numero Uno (Self-care as business strategy)

The question is, how does one practice self-care when time and/or finances are tight? For me, it always comes down to using earth-based medicine – using the earth as a source to heal, empower, and rejuvenate. Continue reading

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Setting the self-care example for our patients

How many people do you know who suppress their need to rejuvenate, who pick themselves up in the morning with their Starbucks grande and numb themselves in the evening with wine, beer, or whiskey? How many nurses and doctors do you know who are hooked on coffee, junk food, and Diet Coke to get through their long shifts? As a patient, how does it make you feel when you meet your doctor/nurse/practitioner for the first time, and they’re 50 pounds overweight, with big, dark circles under their eyes, and they too tired to greet you with a smile? Continue reading

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Finding my oxygen

Last Tuesday morning started off as what many might call, “a bad day.”

I won’t go into the gory details, but by lunch, I was home from the office and running myself a hot bath full of essential oils to lift my spirits.

Within 30 seconds of soaking and deep breathing, a new day dawned. Continue reading

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