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Taking care of Numero Uno (Self-care as business strategy)

The question is, how does one practice self-care when time and/or finances are tight? For me, it always comes down to using earth-based medicine – using the earth as a source to heal, empower, and rejuvenate. Continue reading

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Setting the self-care example for our patients

How many people do you know who suppress their need to rejuvenate, who pick themselves up in the morning with their Starbucks grande and numb themselves in the evening with wine, beer, or whiskey? How many nurses and doctors do you know who are hooked on coffee, junk food, and Diet Coke to get through their long shifts? As a patient, how does it make you feel when you meet your doctor/nurse/practitioner for the first time, and they’re 50 pounds overweight, with big, dark circles under their eyes, and they too tired to greet you with a smile? Continue reading

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Confessions (the bad news and the good)

Forgive me, computer, for I have sinned. It has been 5 (4? 6?) days since my last blog. The bad news is that I totally dropped the ball with yoga this week. The good news is, there is lots of good news. Continue reading

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